Calculating Slope – A Serious STEM Game

Play Calculating Slope here!

I created the educational serious game Calculating Slope to determine if students and educators would benefit from serious games in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, commonly referred to as STEM.

When I created Calculating Slope, I had two major goals: Calculating Slope will successfully teach students the concepts and practice of calculating slope, and Calculating Slope will successfully prove as a proof of concept for future educational serious games in the fields of STEM.

A group of twelve sixth grade students and four elementary teachers were asked to complete the game and complete a survey using a likert scale to determine usability and effectiveness in the classroom as an educational tool.  The data gathered confirms that Calculating Slope met and exceeded the intended goals for its creation.  Future educational serious games in the fields of STEM should be funded and created do to their effectiveness in the classroom.