Her Mom Doesn’t Like Me

I created the opening and closing credits for Director Songhe (Jason) Wang’s film, Her Mom Doesn’t Like Me.  Jason wanted a unique blend of American and Chinese cultures is a simple and clean motion graphic.  Skylines of New York, Los Angeles, Beijing, and Hong Kong were blended to show a merging of two cultures.  It was also important that a yellow and orange chrysanthemum was present in the credits, due to its importance to the story.

Each aspect of the opening and closing credit sequences were planned and purposeful.  The parallax of the cities was a reference to the complicated relationship between the two main characters.  The growing of the vines and presence of the chrysanthemum were designed to reference the main conflict in the film.  The credit sequences wonderfully accompany and highlight the film.

The design process was fast paced due to a rapidly approaching deadline.  Multiple storyboards and thumbnails were revised and edited until the perfect credit sequence was created.  Each element in the opening and closing credit sequences were created Adobe Illustrator.  Once each assets was created, they were brought into Adobe After Effects and animated.