Indiana Weather

Indiana Weather Reference Visual

I was the principal animator and Animation Supervisor for the 3D animated short, Indiana Weather.  Indiana Weather is an animated short that makes fun of the volatile nature of weather in the Midwest.  The main character Pete, and Larry the bird, sit together in a park experiencing a typical day in Indiana.  Indiana Weather is a work in progress and will be completed in Fall of 2015.  The animation above is early animation tests and renders.

Preproduction for Indiana Weather was a long process.  As the Animation Supervisor, I worked with our Director, Kara Crane, to create a live action animatic that would later become reference footage for the animation team.  I did my best to portray a typical Hoosier caught in the sudden changes of weather.  Once the reference footage was completed and finalized, blocking animation and animation assignments were able to be created.  Additionally, after both character models were created, I refined the rigs for each character and added control points to ease the animation process.

The animation pipeline for Pete in Indiana Weather was streamlined and efficient.  All blocking and key poses were animated by myself and then animation assignments were given out based on skill and schedule.  All animations were given to me for review.  As animation for Indiana Weather progressed, I became the primary polishing animator and did my best to ensure that Pete was filled with life and personality.

I solely animated Larry.  This was due to limitations in time and skill of the other animators.  I was the only animator with non-bipedal animation experience.  Larry’s animation was based on quick and lively movements of blue jays.