The Tao of Ping Pong

The Tao of Ping Pong Visual

I was the Visual Effects Supervisor for Director Songhe (Jason) Wang’s film The Tao of Ping Pong.  Jason wanted an exciting science fiction twist on a traditional ping pong film.  Heads Up Displays (HUD), magical energy fields, and realistic compositing were employed to create a unique and interesting film.

Preproduction for The Tao of Ping Pong was a long process.  Jason and I worked together to design unique and exciting visual effects.  We worked together to create storyboards and shot lists.  My skills and experience were used to design each visual effects shot for his film.  I designed the credit sequences, HUD elements, realistic compositing, and magical energy fields.  Once the visual effect designs were approved, I gathered a group of artists and visual effect assignments were assigned based on skill and schedule.  I worked with Jason and his crew on set for the visual effects shots.  I set up any visual effects equipment and answered any questions the production crew had.  I coached the actors and worked with the camera crew to ensure that the visual effect shots would be perfect.

The production pipeline for The Tao of Ping Pong was streamlined and efficient.  All visual effect shots were given to me for review.  As production for The Tao of Ping Pong progressed, I worked with Jason to ensure that the film looked and felt as planned.